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Nr. 4568
1684, Paris, Jean Baptiste Coignard
6 volumes, (66) 608 (32), (12) 668 (48), (14) 630 (46), (16) 648 (41), (16) 662 (32), (16) 616 (38) p. Contemporary Leather, 8° (volume 2 rebacked)Meer info / foto's
€ 550,00
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Nr. 4943
€ 175,00
€ 90,00
Meditationvm Liber Vnvs. Soliloqviorvm Lib. I. Manvale Lib. I.
Nr. 8970
1538, Venetiis
3 works in 1 binding, 70 (2), 73-133, 134-160 folia. Contemporary Vellum, 12° (the last page is in a contemporary handwritten copy, wormholes in the margins of fol. 16-29. Early print of the 'Golden Trio' by Saint Augustine, these 3 works, titled 'Meditationes', 'Soliloquia' and 'Manuale' were p...Meer info / foto's
€ 2.500,00
The Workes of the Right Reverend Father in God, Gervase Babington, late Bishop of Vvorcester. Containing Comfortable Notes vpon the Five Bookes of Moses, viz. Genesis, Exodvs, Leviticvs, Nvmbers, Devteronomie. As also an Exposition vpon The Creed, The Commandements, The Lords Prayer. With a Conference betwixt mans Frailtie and Faith, and Three Sermons. With Alphabeticall Tables of the principall matters to each seuerall Worke.
Nr. 7611
1622, London, G. Eld, and M. Flesher
(14) 427, (4) 163, (2) 165-263, (12) 311 p. Rebound Leather with ribbed back, the contemporary boards are preserved, Folio (Gervase Babington 1550-1610, was an English churchman. He was well acquainted with Hebrew and Greek, and his style is quaint and pleasant. Before and after his advances in the ...Meer info / foto's
€ 1.400,00
Nr. 6028
1803, Zürich, David Bürkli
(portrait, 8) 880 (8) p. Contemporary Leather, rebacked, 8° (Johann Caspar Bachofen was a Swiss composer and music teacher. Bachofen, son of a teacher, grew up in Zürich and studied theology, in 1719 he was admitted to the ministry, but only worked as a music teacher. Johann Caspar Bachofen...Meer info / foto's
€ 350,00
Lectvres upon the twelue Articles of our Christian Faith, Written for the comfort of the Godly, and instruction of the Simple, by John Baker. Whereunto is annexed a cleare Confession of our Christian Faith, contained in an hundred Articles, according to the order of the Creed of the Apostles, by John Hooper, Martyr, and sometimes Bishop of Glocester.
Nr. 7612
1613, London, Nicholas Okes, by the Assignment of Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings Majesty
(16) 494 p. Rebound half Leather with ribbed back, 8° (page 285-288, 291/292 and 295-298 in facsimile, lacks page 495-end, which means that the work concerning the Twelve Articles is complete but the attached work from John Hooper which is mentioned on the titlepage is missing.)Meer info / foto's
€ 500,00
Nr. 5764
1679, Amsterdam, Abraham Wolfgang
(frontispiece, 10) 462 (6) p. Contemporary Vellum, 12° (with 226 engravings, half of page 457/458 -table- is missing, edges prelims worn)Meer info / foto's
€ 300,00
A Key of Knowledge for the opening of the secret mysteries of St. Johns mysticall revelation.
Nr. 7615
1617, London, Felix Kyngston
(engraved titlepage, 58) 351 p. Contemporary Leather, 4° (with a new spine underneath the old one. John Bernard 1568-1641 was a Puritan pastor and writer who produced mostly practical works. His most influential work was The Faithfull Shepheard and his practice (1607 and 1621), a handbook for mi...Meer info / foto's
€ 950,00
The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments. Translated out of the Original Tongues, and With the former Translations diligently compared and revised, By his Majesty's Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches. Exclusively the Old Testament, in 4 volumes, I: Genesis to Deuteronomy, II: Joshua to I Chronicles, III: II Chronicles to Solomons Song, IV: Isaiah to Maleachi.
Nr. 3419
1796, Cambridge, John Archdeacon, and John Burges
4 volumes, without numbered pages, 4° (after every page of text comes one blanco page. Alle delen doorschoten met blanco pagina's!)Meer info / foto's
€ 375,00
€ 185,00
Nr. 3916
1700, Wittenberg, Balthasar Christoph Wustens
(titelprent, 39) 348 228 (12), (titelprent) 164 folia. Opnieuw gebonden Leer met ribben, groot-4° (met titelprent, pagina met 8 portretten en wapenschild door Melchior Küsell, portret van Johann Georg.II. Door M. Küsell)Meer info / foto's
€ 1.450,00
€ 725,00