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2 works in 1 binding, (engraved titlepage, 11) 186 (6), (engraved titlepage, 3), (4) 96, 142 (2) folia. Contemporary folding Vellum, 8° (Occasionally some browning. The titlepage and prelims of the second work are erroneously bound in front of the second part of the first work. Rare volume with two works containing outlines for sermons [...]

9 volumes, (4, portrait, 32) 716 (16) 62 (2), Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands, Folio (The spines of volume 1 and 6 have been renewed, vellum of the spine of volume 3 a bit cracked and text blocks slightly browned at places. The collected works of Reformer Jean Calvin (1509-1564). This being the first [...]

59 parts in 20 bindings, Rebound half Leather with raised bands and marbled paper covered boards, large 4° (Some occasional browning and/or staining but overall in good condition. Volume 29-87 of the Corpus Reformatorum series containing all the volumes published with the collected works of Reformer Jean Calvin (1509-1564). This being the standard scholarly edition [...]

3 parts in 1 volume, (16) 211, (2) 370, (2) 349 (1) p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 4° (Collection of all the documents the Remonstrants submitted to the Synod of Dordrecht 1618-1619 compiled by Simon Episcopis (1583-1643) et al. The Synod of Dordrecht is one of the most important church councils in the history of the [...]

(44) 789 (51) p. Contemporary gold-stamped folding Vellum with gilt-edged text-block, Folio (Wanting ties. The largest and most famous work of Scottish presbyterian divine John Forbes (1593-1648). Forbes studied at Heidelberg (under David Pareus) and Sedan and was appointed professor of divinity in King’s College, Aberdeen in 1619. Refusing to sign the Solemn League and [...]

(30) 328 (16), 244 (2) p. Rebound half imitation Leather with gold-stamped Cloth boards, 4° (Library-stamps of the Theological University of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands on the titlepage. Illustrated with several engravings within the text and a 8 portraits of Reformers, some of the latter have been pasted on new leaves. Historical account [...]

(2, portrait, 22) 786, 372 (59) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands, Folio (Top-spine end and right side of the front cover lack a substantial piece of vellum. Slight water-stains throughout, mostly in the margins, some tears in the margins of the index in the rear. With several ownership-entries on the titlepage and -faded- [...]

2 works in 1 binding, (30) 231, (29) 388 folia. Contemporary blind-stamped vellum with raised bands over wooden boards, Folio (The margins of the first and final few pages have been restored, wanting clasps, 19th century endpapers and a few repairs on the spine. Edges of the binding rubbed and wooden boards vertically cracked in [...]

2 works in 1 binding, (26) 281 folia., (20) 313 (21) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum over wooden boards with raised bands and clasps on straps, Folio (A few single wormholes, mostly in the margins and moderately some brownning and foxing in the margins. Bottom spine-end a bit worn and a piece of the back cover [...]

(8) 768 (22) folia. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands and clasps on straps, 8° (Bottom outer corners slightly worn. The boards of the binding are decorated with a large central panel-stamp surrounded by other ornamental stamps and rolls, with on the front cover the year 1573 in a horizontal panel. Provenance: From the library [...]

(16) 998 (94) p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 8° (The right-margin of the titlepage has been reinforced, some underlinings with pen on various pages, lacks page K8 (blank) and the final page with printers-impressum. The first edition of Hyperius’ collected works, published posthumously and containing 14 treaties on various theological subjects. The Reformer Andreas Hyperius (1511-1564) [...]

(XX) 494 (2) p. Publishers blind- and gold-stamped Vellum, 4° (Top spine-end slightly split at one side. The first volume of the series Bibliotheca Reformata.)