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(46, 2) 841 p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 12° (The binding is made of recycled vellum with manuscript text in red and brown ink, text block has some browning and water-stains at places and the final page which only has text on the recto is partially in facsimile. With several ownership-entries on the fly-leaves and titlepage [...]

2 works in 1 binding, (15) 136, (8) 275 (4) folia. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands and clasps on straps, 8° (Text-block moderately browned at places, the clasps only close with great effort, both titlepages are decorated with a large woodcut-engraving. The two horizontal panels on the front cover of the binding are blind-stamped [...]

(8) 530 (26) p. Rebound half Leather with raised bands, Folio (Text-block very slightly browned. Provenance: From the library of Nicolaas Barkey (1709-1788) with his name written on the titlepage. Exegetical commentary on the book of Isaiah by French Reformer and martyr Augustine Marlorat (1506-1562). Marlorat ministered to a number of congregations and represented the [...]

(48) 1147 (45) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Leather with raised bands, Folio (Rebound spine and bottom corner-tips, several wormholes throughout both binding and text block, clasps on straps no longer present. The magnum opus of great reformed theologian Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499-1562). Originally published posthumously in Latin in 1576 by his editor Robert Masson, minister of [...]

2 volumes in 1 binding, (8) 336 folia. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with raised bands and clasps on straps, 8° (Wanting the catch of the bottom clasp, text-block slightly browned throughout with a few old underlinings. Ownership-entry in an old hand on the first free enpaper. Universal history, compiled by reformer Philippus Melanchthon (1497-1560). The Chronicon [...]

(16) 858 (83) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Pigskin over wooden boards with raised bands, 8° (Corner-tips of the boards slightly grazed, wanting parts of the straps and clasps. Text-block slightly browned throughout with minor staining in the margins at places. Boards richly decorated with stamps depicting Luther on the front cover and Melanchthon on the back [...]

(16) 700 (1400 columns) (21) p. Rebound half Leather with raised bands, Folio (Commentaries on the Book of Psalms by Lutheran theologian Heinrich Möller (1530-1589). Möller, a professor at Wittenberg and friend of Melanchthon was a learned Hebraist. His comments on Hebrew music in his Enarrationis Psalmorum Davidis, first published in Geneva in 1591, influenced [...]

Musculus, Wolfgang
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(colophon: 1600) - Basel, Sebastian Henricpetri

(8) 815 (25) p. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum, Folio (Text-block slightly browned throughout. Biblical commentaries on the book of Genesis by south German Reformer Wolfgang Musculus (1497-1563). Musculus was one of the foremost commentators on Scripture in the age of the Reformation. During his career he published ten biblical commentaries among which this extensive volume on [...]

(12) 1676 (118) p. 18th century Vellum, Folio (Several single wormholes in the text and margins until page 60, front hinge of the binding split and/or restored at the ends. With some annotations with references in the margins, mostly at the end of the work by an old hand, small bookplate on the front-pastedown of [...]

Musculus, Wolfgang
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(colophon: 1600)/(colophon: 1611) - Basel, Sebastian Henricpetri

2 works in 1 binding, (26) 278 (2), (28) 487 (1) p. Contemporary Vellum, Folio (Top spine-end split at the hinges. Text block very slightly browned throughout, waterstain in the second work and the first and last few pages are a bit worn with a wormhole in the last two pages. Biblical commentaries on the [...]

(38) 352, 276, 323 (3) p. Contemporary Vellum with raised bands, Folio (Verso long side of the margin of the titlepage reinforced, the binding is made up from two editions. The Acta of the Synod of Dordrecht, held in 16/1619 it was one of the most important church councils in history of the reformed tradition. [...]

284 p. Contemporary Vellum, 16° (Several old underlinings and occasionally a few annotations in the margins, no free endpapers in the front and a light waterstain in the middle of the text-block. Latin Vulgate edition of the Proverbs of Salomon, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, The Book of Wisdom and The Wisdom of Sirach printed by [...]