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(24) 2376, 888 p. Contemporary Vellum, 8° (fine schoolprize binding of Dordrecht, text printed in columns, the binding is decorated with gilt and the central arms of ‘Minerva Dordracena’ on both covers. Without the prize)

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1617 - Genevae, Matthaei Berjon

(12) 177 p., (3) 292, 74 folia., (4) 448 (15) p. Contemporary Leather with ribbed back, Folio (the binding is bit worn and has been repaired at some places, Latin Bible -both the Old and New Testament- , with marginal comments/translations from Franciscus Junius, Immanuel Tremellius and Theodorus Beza)

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1703 - Tiguri, Davidis Gessneri

without pagenumbers, Contemporary Vellum, 8° (upper spine-end a bit worn, Latin Bible -both the Old and New Testament-)

637 (3), 192 p. Contemporary Vellum, 12° (Two parts in one volume of the Small Vulgate Bible printed by the Plantin-Moretus office. Contains: 1 and 2 Samuel, Maleachi, 1 and 2 Paralipomenon (Chronicles), Esdra, Tobias, Judith, Esther and Job)

(frontispiece, 24, folding portrait) 702, 96 p. Rebound half Leather with 5 raised bands, Folio (Extensive work concerning the Jewish history, culture and exegesis by Melchior Leydekker, 1642-1721.)

3 volumes, 858 (17, 8) p. Folio (H. 52,5 x B. 41 x D. 5 cm. Printed in black and gold, in Linen Jugendstil binding with 100 beautiful pagefilling illustrations after Walter Crane, illustrated with helio engravings of Walter Crane, James Tissot, Giovanni Segantini, Repin, Dicksee, a.o. Copyright Lucien Layus 1899, Engraved and Printed in [...]

(XX) n.p. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with 6 raised bands and 2 clasps, Folio (The binding is restored at the edges, some ink stains on the back cover, the bottom clasp has been renewed. Concordance to the Latin Vulgate. This revision by Lucas Brugensis of the work by Cardinal Hugo was considered to be the best [...]