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(12) 188 (4) p. Contemporary blind- and gold-stamped Leather, 4° (Rebound spine with preservation of the original back strip. Several ownership-entries and library-stamps, a few old undelinings/annotations in the main work, a small piece of the margin of the titlepage has been cut-out. Rare revised Latin edition of the Racovian Catechism, containing the main religious [...]

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(engraved frontispiece) n.p., (4) 68 p. Contemporary Tortoiseshell binding, with 2 golden clasps, 4 golden hinges and gilt-edged text block, 8-12° H. 14 x L. 8 x W. 3 cm. (Slightly loose in the binding. Lacks the forms behind the psalmes. Dutch church book containing the States Translation of the New Testament, the Psalms -with [...]

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