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3.500,00 Nr. 11229
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(late 19th century/early 20th century) - s.l., s.n.

A brass globe or sphere, engraved with the names of the Zodiac in eastern Islamic text and showing the lines of the the Equator and the ecliptic meridians. This Indo-Persian Islamic globe was probably used for teaching purposes in the 19th/20th century. Consisting of two seperate hollow halves, coming together on the equator-line. The sphere [...]

12.500,00 Nr. 10707
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(ca. 1775) - London

Rare pocket globe with a diameter of 7 cm. held in the publisher’s shagreen case with two metal clasps. The globe consisting of 12 hand-coloured engraved gores and 2 polar caps, the top and bottom of the case each lined with 12 hand-coloured engraved half gores and a polar cap depicting the celestial hemisphere. The [...]

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A pair of rare Valk table globes published by Gerard and Leonard Valk at Amsterdam in 1750 and 1700. The Dutch globe makers Gerard Valk (1652-1726) and his son Leonard Valk (1675-1746) were the only significant publishers of globes in the Netherlands in the eighteenth century. The design of their globes was completely new and [...]

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