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491 (4) p. Later half Leather with 4 raised bands, 8° (The top spine-end lacks a piece of leather. Rare Lyonese edition of this famous paraphrase of the Psalms by the Dutch Humanist Reinier Snoy ca. 1477-1537, also called Reynerus Snoygoudanus. This paraphrase which was based on the translations of Saint Jerome was finished in [...]

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157 folia. Rebound Leather with 6 raised bands, small Folio (Folia 103 reinforced, titlepage in facsimile, lacks folia 6, 37 and 158. The capital letters are highlighted with red paint by hand. With some original, sixteenth century annotations in the margins of folia 136 and 137. First edition of this paraphrase of the Bible, also [...]

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