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Silver Binding
3.700,00 Nr. 10770
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(around 1790) - (Germany)

Eighteenth century silver book binding consisting of a silver front and back cover, spine, head- and tail-band and double clasp, 9,2 x 5,5 x 2,8 cm. (The binding is richly decorated with a design of flowers and vines, the front cover with a central ornament depicting a mother and child, the back cover with a [...]

850,00 Nr. 10664
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(mid 20th century) - (Germany)

Miniature terrestrial globe with a diameter of 11 cm. held in a wooden stand. The total height measuring 22 cm. Consisting of 12 paper gores and 2 polar caps, the continents are coloured in different colours with a brighter outline and the seas in a green shade. Also showing the major currents in the oceans. [...]

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