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491 (4) p. Later half Leather with 4 raised bands, 8° (The top spine-end lacks a piece of leather. Rare Lyonese edition of this famous paraphrase of the Psalms by the Dutch Humanist Reinier Snoy ca. 1477-1537, also called Reynerus Snoygoudanus. This paraphrase which was based on the translations of Saint Jerome was finished in [...]

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(12) 358 p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 12° (Browned throughout, waterstain in the first part of the text block. The fifth edition of this work about the relation between the authorities of the church and state by Hugo de Groot, 1583-1645.) Meulen, J. ter/Diermanse, P.J.J. (1950). Bibliographie des écrits imprimés de Hugo Grotius nr. 898, p. [...]

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1646 - Groningen, Joannis Nicolai

(16) 328, 20 p. Contemporary folding Vellum, 8° (Some wormholes until page 75, at some places affecting the text and the map. Early description of the history of Groningen and its surroundings by Ubbo Emmius, 1547-1625. The second edition, complete with the map of Groningen.)

2 works in 1 binding, (34) 918 (63), (4) 37 p. Contemporary blind-stamped Vellum with 6 raised bands, 4° (Slightly browned at some places, bound in a beautiful and firm vellum binding. The commentaries on Revelation by Campegius Vitringa, 1659-1722. Followed by an index of the work by Christian Johann Bomble, -1722.)

2 works in 1 volume, (engraved titlepage, 18) 896 (1792 columns) (38), (2) 55 (110 columns) (2) p. Contemporary Vellum with 4 raised bands, Folio (Browned throughout, some small wormholes in the vellum of the spine. Commentaries on the Minor Prophets and the Book of Baruch by Gaspar Sanchez, ca. 1550-1632.)

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1618 - Leiden, Horatius Cardon

(engraved titlepage, 10) 602 (1204 columns) (33) p. Contemporary Leather with 5 raised bands, Folio (Renewed endpapers, the spine-ends are split, browned throughout. Commentaries on the Prophecies of Jeremiah by Gaspar Sanchez, ca. 1550-1632.)

575,00 Nr. 9796
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1615 - Leiden, Horatius Cardon

(engraved titlepage, 14) 769 (13) p. Contemporary Leather with 5 raised bands, Folio (Renewed endpapers, the top spine-end is split, browned throughout, some waterstains. Commentaries on the Prophecies of Isaiah by Gaspar Sanchez, ca. 1550-1632.)

550,00 Nr. 9791
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1552 - Lyon, Gryphius

3 works in 1 binding, 210, 211-456, 98 (2) p. Contemporary Vellum, 8° (Browned throughout. Collection of works by Aonio Paleario, 1500-1570. Paleario was an Italian Humanist, inclined to the reformed religion.)

(16) 758 (4) p. Contemporary Leather with 5 raised bands, gold-stamped spine, 4° (The leather on the ends of the boards is a bit loose, some pages are browned. Commentaries on the Psalms by Cornelius Jansenius, 1510-1576.)

(8) 332 (8) p. Rebound Leather with 4 raised bands, 4° (Slightly browned throughout, waterstain in the bottom margin of the index. Commentaries on Revelation by Libert Froidmont, 1587-1653.)

n.p. Contemporary gold-stamped Leather with 4 raised bands and gilt-edged text block, 6° (Psalm Book in the Latin and Hebrew language on facing pages. The Hebrew Psalterium with a translation in Latin by Coccejus was used to teach the Hebrew language at the Universtity of Franeker and played an important part in the education of [...]

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1610 - Paris, Theodoricus Rollin

(12) 664 (47) p. Rebound in red Cloth with gilt lettering, Folio (Biblical encyclopaedia and commentary by Sisto da Siena, 1520-1569. Clean copy.)